hub consult.
Corporate financing for start-ups and IT companies

hub consult supports start-ups as well as established IT companies in all corporate financing-related issues.

As part of their review of your business plans, hub consult experts ensure that the target audience is provided the information they expect. Professional business plans form the basis for any financing talks and likewise provide guide posts along the path to achieving your own strategic objectives.

hub consult helps avoid financing shortfalls. Integrated business planning provides start-ups and IT companies an overview of company finances and creates valuable room to maneuver when dealing with financiers and other stakeholders. hub consult does the groundwork for transactions whether on the buyer or seller side. hub consult offers support when preparing for and conducting due diligence reviews, business valuations and even during contract negotiations – all under one roof.

Your personal point of contact:

Dirk-Ulrich Krüger, CFA
eureos corporate finance gmbh
T: +49 351 497615901

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